Everyday driving, the harsh elements and environmental toxins beat up the exterior of your vehicle. Auto Detailing Clay Bar is an engineered resin compound used to remove contaminants from the surface of your car’s paint, glass, fiberglass and metal. Auto detailing clay removes from the paint what car washing cannot. It is highly recommended to follow up a clay bar with a MACHINE WAX/ORBITAL BUFF to seal in and protect the results of a clay bar which takes your paint down to its clear coat.


If your fine car leather upholstery is to retain its beauty, it must be cared for, cleaned and conditioned. Without proper care and conditioning your leather will age rapidly, losing its luster and flexibility. This process is rapidly accelerated in warmer weather. Our LEATHER TREATMENT package is perfect as we clean and condition your leather to help maintain its beauty and lifespan.

3M ChipGuard

You have a clear film applied to your cell phone that shields it from scratches and chips, right? Having our professionals apply 3M ChipGuardto your hood, bumper and/or side view mirrors is the exact same protection strategy, but for your vehicle. The film provides a bumper between your car’s paint and its enemies – rocks, dust and UV rays from sun.


WINDOW TINTING not only looks good, but it is also a safety feature, a fact not many people are aware of. Motor Vehicle Accidents can cause the windows to shatter, spraying the occupants with hundreds of tiny sharp pieces of broken glass, but the strong adhesive tint film can hold the cracked glass together preventing it from doing damage. We use only 3M tinting film which is applied by 3M professionals. Window tinting also hide expensive items from outside eyes and keeps the inside cooler in the summer while minimizing UVA and UVB rays.


RIM Refresh, for all rims, is a treatment to remove all brake dust build-up baked onto your rims, rust, and light road paint. Perfect for European vehicles prone to brake dust issues


Dirty, foggy headlights not only make your vehicle look timeworn, they also restrict the amount of light illuminating the road ahead of you by up to 70%. Having a professional HEADLIGHT RESTORATION done on your vehicle is not just a cosmetic enhancement, but more importantly, a SAFETY factor.


Having your carpets, seats and mats PROFESSIONALLY SHAMPOOED twice a year is essential to maintain both your and your family’s health. Car Pride uses state-of-the-art technology to steam your interior. Heated evaporated water and ammonia and phosphate-free shampoo penetrates into the fibers of your fabric. This results in stains, dirt, and bacteria which cause illness and odours to break up and be removed more easily. We then follow up with a state-of-the-art steam extraction system to remove it all.


Have the INTERIOR of your vehicle DETAILED a minimum of once, but preferably twice a year. A clean car interior is an essential part of preventive vehicle maintenance. Dirty air vents can spread dust and allergens throughout your car. Dirty windows and mirrors can make the driver’s view of the road and surroundings unclear. Grit and grime can work their way inside buttons and switches and cause them to fail.


WASHING YOUR CAR is extremely important. The goal of washing your car is to keep it in excellent condition by maintaining its appearance and protecting its’ resale/trade-in value. It prevents contaminants like dust, dirt, pollen, tree sap, bug guts, salt, air-borne pollutants from adhering to your vehicle. Many auto detailing and car experts recommend washing your car once a week.