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  • *NEW* Furniture Steam Cleaning
  • from $25

Steam clean your couch cushions, carpets, rugs, chairs and other furniture upholstery. Items must be brought in. Estimate provided by detailer.

  • SCRATCH Removal
  • from $99

Perfect for removal of small scratches without having to repaint your vehicle.

  • PET HAIR Removal
  • $95/hr

Perfect add on to any car wash or detailing package to make the interior of your vehicle free of pet hair and their dead skin cells. Highly recommended for those suffering from allergies or skin irritations.

  • 3M Chipguard
  • from $99

3M Paint Protection Film: With 5 year warranty

  • Hood and Fender installed: $349
  • Mirrors (large truck/SUV – 15$ extra): $49 each
  • Door Handle Cups: $25 each
  • Front or Rear Bumper: $599 each
  • Headlights or Foglights: $299/Pair
  • Door edges: $29 each
  • Full Vehicle Wrap: Please Call
  • 3M PRO film available at a premium. Please inquire

  • WINDOW Tinting
  • from $99

3M Window Tint With Limited Lifetime warranty

  • Sedan / Coupe: $349
  • Minivan/SUV(small): $449
  • Large SUV: $499
  • Front Doors only: $199
  • Sunstrip: $99
  • Extras: Please Call

  • HEADLIGHT Restoration
  • from $89

Treatment is perfect for aged headlight suffering from oxidation issues

  • RIMS Refresh
  • from $35
  • 20 mins**

RIM refresh, for all four rims, is a treatment to remove all brake dust build-up baked onto your rims, rust, and light road paint. Perfect for European vehicles prone to brake dust issues.

  • MOTORCYCLE WASH & Detailing
  • from $129

Click to see our wide range of Bike Wash Services

** Time Estimate from the Greeting Station. Depends upon the Size and Condition of the Vehicle

$60-$70 Surcharge for Hand Wash Options added to car wash package chosen